Band Sections

The band is made up of 3 sections, Brass, Tuned Percussion and Drums.


The band play a variety of different brass instruments with the majority of them pitched in Bb. Ranging from soprano trumpets through to Mellophones through to the Sousaphone the mix of instruments gives the band a strong sound which is apt at performing a variety of different styles.


Pitched in Bb. The trumpets provide the main sound in the band, playing the melody.

Flugel Horn

Pitched in Bb. The Flugel horn provides a mellow sound alternative to the trumpet. Mainly playing a mix of melody and counter melody.


Pitched in Eb. The marching band equivalent of the French horn. The instrument plays a very important role within the sound structure of the band providing counter melodies and voice chorusing but is also a very important solo instrument.

Tenor Horn

Pitched in Eb. The tenor horn provides support for the Mellophones. Playing similar arrangements to the Mellophones.


Pitched in Bb. The trombones play an important role in the bass section. Providing a solid bass sound to the band, the trombones play a variety of different styles including solos, counter-melody, bass rhythms and thick bass sounds.


Pitched in Bb. The Baritones are the backbone of the bass section. Providing support for the trumpets and trombones.


Pitched in Bb. The Euphonium is a key instrument in the band. Its current occupation is providing support to the trumpets but is also employed in solos and bass rhythms.


Pitched in Eb. This is the biggest instrument in the band and he cannot be missed marching at the back of the band. This instrument creates a solid bass sound to which the rest of the band can build on. Sousaphones have been part of the band for 20 years.

Tunes Percussion

The 13th has a long tradition of using bell-lyras being one of the UK’s first Scout Bands to introduce them. The band orginally started with two upright bell-lyras which was increased to five later on. In 1973 the band’s melodic percussion section was revamped by the selling of the uprights and the purchasing of the two flat Premier glockenspiels. One marimba and one xylophone were also bought, which are still used today. The section was then further increased to include a total of six glockenspiels.


The 13th drum section comes in four layers of sound, the principal one being that of the traditional marching side drum. These produce the melody accompaniment and marching beat rhythm for all aspects of the music. The drum section also feature as specialists in their own display work and has, with the military precision been mistaken as members of the Royal Marines. Accompanying the side drum sound is that of the multi -drum kits. We have two of these kits, which feature either a four-drum ensemble (quartet) or a five drum (quintet). To these we add the tenor drum section, which in our band features highly complicated visual aspects together with a single bass drum, which determines the metre of the band as well as playing a full part in the accompaniment of the music.

Throughout the world of music, the marching percussion and pageantry of UK bands is recognised as second to none. Premier supplies the drums and percussion instruments to these and hundreds of other bands around the world. The association is more than that of just a supplier. Over many years Premier has worked closely with various bands to develop products to meet specific requirements for both sound and appearance. The 13th Coventry Scout band use traditional Pipe Band Marching Side Drums manufactured by Premier Drums UK Ltd.

Snare Drum

The 13th use Premier Drum Model No. 0041
Shell size: 14” x 12”
Shell type: 5mm Birch
Standard Fittings: Chrome
Tension casings: 8
Batter hoops: Die-cast
Batter Head: Remo’s WeatherKing (see below)
Top snare: Parallel throw off – 24 wires
Bottom snare: Parallel throw off – 24 wires
Weight: 13.5lbs / 6.12kg
Finish: Wrap
Colour: Metallic Red
Sticks: Vic Firth American Classics

Tenor Drum

The 13th use Premier Tenor Drum Model No. 0072
In an effort to maintain a uniformed sound, the 13th Coventry Scout
Band use Tenor Drums also manufactured by Premier Drums UK
Ltd. The 5.5mm unsupported birch shells produce a clear tone that
compliments perfectly the 0041 snare drum. Available in a choice
of sizes the traditional tenor drum is an integral part of our band.
Shell size: 16” x 12”
Shell type: 5.5mm Birch
Standard Fittings: Chrome
Tension casings: 8
Batter hoops: Die-cast
Finish: Wrap
Colour: Metallic Red

Bass Drum

The 13th use Premier Bass Drum Model No. 3928
All marching bands require a bass drum with its rich, deep tone
that blends with the other sounds of the drums and trumpets. It
must not be dominant but subtle, musical and full of character. Its
takes skills, rhythm and timing to play this instrument properly, as
it forms not only a back beat whilst on the march, but a rhythmic
and vital accompaniment to the concert and showpieces we play.
Shell size: 28” x 14”
Shell type: 4mm Birch with 5mm Beech support
Standard Fittings: Chrome, Black Powder Coat (BPC)
or White Power Coat (WPC)
Tension casings: 10
Finish: Wrap or lacquer
Colour: Metallic Red