Robert Dover Games @ Chipping Campden

The Return

After a few years of eagerly waiting, the band’s drummers found themselves overwhelmed with excitement upon receiving an invitation to perform at the prestigious annual Robert Dover Games. With their drums packed and spirits high, the band memebrs embarked on a memorable journey to Chipping Campden, where they would partake in the much-anticipated 2023 Cotswold Olimpicks and open the games with a spectacular display of their musical showmanship.

Grand Entrance

As the sun bathed the picturesque countryside with its warm glow, the band assembled on the historic Dover Hill, ready to make their mark on the Robert Dover Games.

With great pride and enthusiasm, the band, accompanied by Robert Dover and the Scuttlebrook Queen, made their way through the majestic castle gates. The echoing beats of their drums reverberated across the hill signifying to the awaiting crowds the games were officially open.

Guiding the illuminated Procession

As dusk enveloped the landscape, casting a magical glow over the Cotswold countryside, the band took on a new role, heading up the sea of flickering lights as the crowds lit their giant candles, they led the procession of people down the hill into the enchanting town of Chipping Campden.

16th February 2021

Another great week’s practice online!

Remember, playing an instrument takes practice and dedication, so keep up the excellent work!

Below are the links to what is required for grade 1 on each instrument, and this week you will need to complete the following:

  • Brass: 1. Scale #1
  • Drums: 1. Solo #1
  • Mallets: 6. Exercise #15


9th February 2021

Second week of Virtual Tuition done!

Great to see you all working hard and doing your daily practices! Playing an instrument takes practice and dedication, so keep up the excellent work!

Below are this week weekly exercises for you to do, but do not forget to practice the basics, like buzzing on your mouthpiece or simple rudiments on the drum!

2nd February 2021

Well done to everyone who took part in the virtual Tuition. Running every week until we can return, we will be working on the fundamental skills for each of the sections, Brass & Percussion.

Each week, we will set some simple exercises to practice what you have learnt, doing these everyday will improve your skills rapidly.

Please find below the exercises to practice this week.

Well done Brian!

A big well done to Brian Taylor who received his Silver Acorn recently for services to Scouting. Brian is a pivotal member of the band leadership team and can be seen playing the biggest instrument in the band!⠀