Founded in 1929 originally as a drum and fife band, the 13th Coventry have for the last 55 years been the most innovative and progressive of Britain’s Scout Bands having no fewer than 34 Royal performances to their credit, appearing in such prestigious events and venues as Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Royal Tournament, Wembley Stadium, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, London’s Guild Hall, The Lord Mayor’s Show, Horse Guards Parade, Coventry Cathedral, The Spalding Flower Parade, London’s Easter Parade, The Jersey Battle of Flowers, etc.

Nine times in ten years they were heralded as the National Scout Supreme Champions and have won hundreds of prizes in open competitions throughout the country.

They have appeared on the cinema screen in feature movies, television, radio, professional theatre, cabaret and on long playing records being recognised for their refreshing originality in so much of what they do. Extensive travelling and foreign tours in Europe have increased their following and many are the youth bands of today who watch them closely for new ideas to copy. Numerous bands based on their formula have been launched not only in England but in South Africa, Canada, Holland, Channel Isles and Australia.

The members of the band are all bona fide members of the Scout movement and undertake their band duties as an extra activity. Ages range from 8years old upwards.

In 2019, the band celebrated 90 years with a celebration and get together of members old and new.

For a detailed history of the band, please see our milestone page