Milestones of the Band

70 year award

During this difficult year, Roy Nowell was awarded his 70-year award for services to Scouting.  A massive achievement.  

90 year Celebration.

The band celebrated 90 years, with a get together of old members reminiscing over the old scrapbooks and an impromptu performance on the Eb trumpets and drums!  Stefan Dumbleton took over as bandmaster after being involved with the band for over 30 years.

Battle of the Flowers

The band again join up with their Friends, the Jersey Scout Band, to take part in the Battle of the flowers

Battle of the Flowers

The band are again invited to join the Jersey Battle of the Flowers parade

Roy awarded MBE

Roy Nowell awarded MBE in the Queen’s New Year honours list.

Band celebrate 75!

Band return to Jersey to take part in the Battle of Flowers to celebrate 75 years of the band

Return visit to Windsor Castle

The band again perform at Windsor Castle. Entertaining the Royal review of Queens Scouts with their display and concert pieces.

New Year, New Uniform

The band adopted the complete new uniform and embraced a comprehensive change of appearance.

Roy awarded highest Scouting award

Scouting’s highest award, the Silver Wolf was awarded to Roy Nowell for ‘Services of the most exceptional nature in promoting and developing British Scout Banding over a period of 52 years.

Multiple awards for our staff team

Ray, Holliday, David Holliday, and Dean Cowell were all awarded the Medal of Merit for excellent service to the 13th band over a period of 30 years.

The band turns 70

Our 70th Birthday celebrations. ‘Avant Garde’ our highly popular LP recording re-issued in CD form. The band goes on the internet with our own web page. The Band created a technological breakthrough by going on ‘the web’ with its own website, an instant success

Full band at Windsor Castle

Full band display and concert performance at Windsor Castle attended by the Queen. We became the first Scout Band to be given the personal permission of the monarch to perform in this way.

Drum corps at Windsor Castle

Drum corps took part in the Royal Queen’s Scout Parade at Windsor Castle and created such a good impression that an invitation was extended for the whole band in 1997. Took part in the celebration parade to mark the Queen’s Birthday in London, marching from Horse Guards Parade down the…Read More

International Freemen’s Conference Banquet

Fanfares for International Freemen’s Conference Banquet at St. Mary’s Guild Hall to many accolades.

Coventry Blitz Commemoration

Concert at Westminster Abbey for ‘Thinking Day’ Service. Took a prominent part in Coventry’s Blitz Commemoration events.

‘Salute to Youth’

Concert in and outside Coventry Cathedral ‘Salute to Youth’.

Royal Albert Hall for ‘London Venture’

Another royal performance at the Albert Hall. ‘London Venture’ attended by King Olav of Norway and members of the British royal family. We received a standing ovation and a personal letter of congratulation on behalf of the King. This was our Diamond Jubilee and we celebrated with a huge reunion…Read More

Windsor Castle

Royal performance at Windsor Castle for the Queen’s Scout Parade. Our bandmaster honoured by the local newspaper as ‘Citizen of the Month’.

Concert for the Independent School Head Teachers

Concert in Westminster Central Hall for ‘Thinking Day’ service. Stunning indoor performance at the Hotel Metropole, NEC for a Banquet of Independent School Head Teachers.

Fanfare for 87

Produced own band spectacular at the Bedworth Civic Hall ‘Fanfare for 87’ and deemed the most successful amateur event there that year.

Swedish Tour

Concert performance in Coventry Cathedral Scout Commemoration Service. Organised and played as the anchor band in a massed Scout Band Spectacular for the opening of the Stoke on Trent Garden Festival. Swedish tour, playing on a North Sea Cruise Ship and parading through the streets of Gothenburg before playing for…Read More

Spotlight on Youth

Fanfare team at the Royal Albert Hall for ‘Spotlight on Youth’ attended by members of the Royal Family.

Foreign Royality

Played for foreign royal families at the World Lifeguard Championships at the National Exhibition Centre.

Switched to valved instruments

Changed to marching brass valved instruments.  Finalists in the British Open Band Championships at the Royal Albert Hall.

Jubilee tour of Jersey and Channel Isles

Reunion dinner on March 31st. Jubilee tour of Jersey and Channel Isles.

Avant Garde re-issued.

Royal Tournament appearance; Avant Garde re-issued.

Another Royal performance

Royal performance, Albert Hall, Royal film premiere, Royal fanfare at ‘Scout’ lifeboat launching. Received the Swiss Music Club international award. Television appearance. ‘Salute to the Queen’ at Buckingham Palace.

Award for Outstanding Achievement

Supreme Champions replica award donated in recognition of our outstanding achievements. Royal film premiere.

Royal Film Premier

Runners up Supreme Champions. World Jamboree UK Band formed with our leaders and our music. Royal film premiere.

Wembley Stadium

Supreme Champions, appeared at Batley Variety Club and at Wembley Stadium.

Continental Tour

Supreme Champions. Continental tour. Lord Mayor’s Show in London.

LP Avant Garde Released

Our LP Avant Garde released. Another immediate sell-out. Regained Supreme Championship. Band received French Le Clerc Medal of Honour. Appeared again at Windsor Castle, Royal Albert Hall and London’s Guildhall.

Roy conducts 1,000 strong Scout band

Royal fanfares in Westminster Abbey, runners up to Supreme Champions. Roy conducted 1,000 Scout bandsmen playing our music.

First Scout Band to play at Windsor Castle

Supreme Champions. First Scout Band to play at Windsor Castle. Command performance at the Albert Hall, first Scout Band to appear in St. Paul’s Cathedral(twice in three months).

Royal Albert Hall

Supreme Champions. Free French reunion at the Albert Hall

Film Premieres and TV appearances

Supreme Champions again, two Royal film premieres, television appearances.

Record after Record

Supreme Champions again. We made our first record, an EP which was a sell-out. First royal appearance at the Albert Hall. Played at the World Roller Skating Championships, also at the Royal Festival Hall, two television appearances and enjoyed a civic reception by the Mayor

Our busiest year yet!

Second hand Eb trumpets purchased, Gs were sold. Our first royal engagement in Westminster Abbey. We won 19 championships including the National Supreme championship again.

Time to upgrade

‘Operation Steptoe’ was launched to buy new drums. We became the first National Scout Band Supreme Champions.

The double

Winners of both the ‘Midland’ and North of England championships.

Start of the success

First championship success at the ‘Midland Open’.

‘Junk Instruments’

Purchase of ‘junk’ instruments from a scrap yard turned the band into a G trumpet band. Old RAF rope drums also obtained.

Roy Nowell

Roy Nowell took over as instructor then eventually as bandmaster.

Band reformed

Band re-formed by Bill ‘Skip’ Hancox with the original bass drum and four kettledrums plus an array of old second-hand bugles.

Instruments Loaned

Instruments loaned to the Home Guard for the duration of the war.

Band formed

Band formed by H. Stinchcombe with fifes and drums.